Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Episode: 15 NWHL 101 With Savanna Arral

Savanna Arral joins the JacketCast to tell us about the NWHL. Curious about the NWHL? This is the show for you. Savanna tells us where you can find the games, how the rules work, how the champion will be determined and how you can support the league. Check out the show if you want a good introduction to the new NWHL league.

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Here are people to follow on twitter and sites to find more information about the NWHL.  This list is in no way comprehensive.  If you only have time for one article I highly suggest Dani Rylan's, Commission of the NWHL, piece on the Player Tribune.

Who to follow on Twitter for NWHL:











Sites for more information:

Dani Rylan, Commissioner NWHL: So We Started A Hockey League


NWHL Rule Book

NWHL Streaming

Today's Slap Shot NWHL Articles

Victory Press NWHL Articles

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